Saturday, December 13, 2008

Almost there

I have a final on Monday and 2 on Wednesday. Wednesday will suck though I have a LAW final at 8 am and then I have a quantitative methods in business final right after that, and then I have to go to work. ugggg but oh well I will get it done and then have a blissful 7 weeks no school. And I am so excited for the Holidays just to spend time with my family.

Tonight was fun after work I ran to a movie premier of a movie that Jamie worked on, then a bunch of us went to dinner it was so nice.

Jamie just started me on the Sopranos, and now I am addicted! I have never seen any of them before so he got the entire series and we are starting from the first episode and going through the entire collection! I'm stoked.

jamie bought me some new books for some of my Hanukkah gifts I am so excited to start reading for fun again, finally now I can read books I enjoy.

Tuesday will be my first day back at the yoga studio, I LOVE bikram yoga and now that i will have time to go it should be great! Finally get back in shape and ready for the new year.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I have been so busy lately sheesh. Working all weekend and doing homework all night stupid week I have my finals and then I am done for the semester! i am super excited!
I am bummed though all I want to do is spend time with Jamie, and go the Christmas village in San Jose and Ice Skate, but I have so much to do and work. lame.

I just finished my Christmas cards and I will mail them out soon! I am excited I love Christmas cards, sending and receiving. I am going to my first holiday party on Thursday and second one next Thursday I am so excited to get in the spirit. I went downtown to look at all the trees and light on Friday, and then went to Yoshi's with my family and my friend Caroline to see Chris Botti, I was hoping he was going to play Christmas music but he didn't :-(

I am hoping to be able to go back to Greece and Croatia with my friends before we head to Italy in May, we were talking about it today and it made me want to be there now! I think Jamie and i might go to Seattle Jan. 1st to 5th, I am hoping! I really would like the time off to do something nice, I found pretty inexpensive flights so I am crossing my fingers.

uggg ok I should get back to class now....lame.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I LOVE christmas/hanakkuh/kwanza/boxing day -hahaha i am so excited for the holidays this year, i put my tree up on Thanksgiving, and at the restaurant we have a beautiful tree and wreath up they are so pretty and smell so great! My goal this year is to celebrate the holidays everyday, it always seems to go too fast and then i get bummed. My tree is covered in shoe ornaments this year, well every year really, I also have some very special ones on it too, everyone of mine has a story. We put our menorah up in the window with the candles but we don't start lighting them until the 21st. i am excited and still working on learning the hanakkuh prayer I have the first line down.

Soooo on Tuesday I tried to buy Britney concert tickets but at the time I did not have anyone who wanted to go, then about 30 min. my good friend Jo said she wanted to go, and then my sister said she wanted to go too, so i went to buy tickets again and they were gone!!!! I was so pissed, so I went up to the next price level and now they are 170 -220 each but the seats still are not that great :-(......I don't really want to pay that much for Britney tickets especially if they are not that great. I was pretty bummed but i guess I should save that money anyway.

The weather here is so bi-polar I wish it would either be cloudy/rainy/cold already, yesterday it was so cold and then today it is sunny. it is impossible to have only one wardrobe out, haha. tonight we are going to dinner at my favorite salvadorian/mexican restaurant in the mission becasue Jamie's roommate is going back to Africa for almost 2 months! After Jamie gets done shooting the music video tonight a group of us are heading over there, I am excited. Tomorrow I am going to see Chris Botti at Yoshi's with my family and one of the besties.....I am so excited that will for sure boost my Christmas spirit! Anyway I am off to study with Jo and go to class.....only 3 more days of class!!! yessssss

Monday, December 1, 2008

20 days until Hanakkuh

in class today natalie convinced me to get a blog to start preparing for Italy in a few months....I can barely find time to sleep now, but i am hoping this will get addicting. .... so lets see where to was busy but productive, i had class this morning then i had to miss my next class to make up a test i missed last week, then i had my next class and a CMAA meeting then another class,,then finally dinner and home and laundry and homework and now this....

so to get you all up to speed....

I am working almost full time again, I manage a restaurnat in the Presidio of San Francisco called the Presidio Social Club i have been there since May, i love working in restuarants and hope to someday have my own...

I am in school full time, I take 5 classes from the University of San Francisco, and I just finished taking 2 calsses from Berkeley online.

I serve the on teh executive board for 2 organizations at school, I am the community service chair for Hospitality Management Association and I am the Photographer for Club Managers Association of America and also do a lot to help the president of that organization with putting on events and such.

I am in charge of the womens cancer walk-a-thon accross the Golden Gate Bridge this year, it will be on April 26th 2009 i have been busy getting budget sheets prepared and and applying for permits.

I also just recently finished and internship at Friends of the Urban Forest a non-profit organization, I was on the events committee there and helped with a lot of fundraising events this past year.

Jamie and I got a new addition to our lives last week, we got a kitty who is named Hooti he has been quite funny and pesky recetly learning that he can annoying the dog.

Jamie and I had Thanksgiving here with my family it was a lot of fun we had traditional mexican food with tamales and tacos it was very very yummy!

I was back in New York for a week at the begining of November and loved it! It had been a while since i had been to New York and I forgot how much I loved it. It was just the end of fall and begining of winter there, I had a great time and was able to go out to Long Island for a day and spend it with Jamie's mom, it was my first trip to Long Island and it is BEAUTIFUL there!

Jamie is still recovering from a mad case of poison oak....he caught it about a week and half ago and it was outrages all over his entire body, luckily i did not get it, but he still has it and just yesterday started getting looks so painful and irritating i felt so bad for him!

I bought my ticket to New Orleans today, I LOVE New Orleans and I am stoked to go back in February right before my birthday! Although I goofed up and bought it for the wrong return date and it cost me $150.00 to fix it! i was so pissed I had only had the flight for like 4 hours before I changed it.....grrrr.

ok gotta get back to life....