Monday, December 8, 2008


I have been so busy lately sheesh. Working all weekend and doing homework all night stupid week I have my finals and then I am done for the semester! i am super excited!
I am bummed though all I want to do is spend time with Jamie, and go the Christmas village in San Jose and Ice Skate, but I have so much to do and work. lame.

I just finished my Christmas cards and I will mail them out soon! I am excited I love Christmas cards, sending and receiving. I am going to my first holiday party on Thursday and second one next Thursday I am so excited to get in the spirit. I went downtown to look at all the trees and light on Friday, and then went to Yoshi's with my family and my friend Caroline to see Chris Botti, I was hoping he was going to play Christmas music but he didn't :-(

I am hoping to be able to go back to Greece and Croatia with my friends before we head to Italy in May, we were talking about it today and it made me want to be there now! I think Jamie and i might go to Seattle Jan. 1st to 5th, I am hoping! I really would like the time off to do something nice, I found pretty inexpensive flights so I am crossing my fingers.

uggg ok I should get back to class now....lame.

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