Thursday, December 4, 2008


I LOVE christmas/hanakkuh/kwanza/boxing day -hahaha i am so excited for the holidays this year, i put my tree up on Thanksgiving, and at the restaurant we have a beautiful tree and wreath up they are so pretty and smell so great! My goal this year is to celebrate the holidays everyday, it always seems to go too fast and then i get bummed. My tree is covered in shoe ornaments this year, well every year really, I also have some very special ones on it too, everyone of mine has a story. We put our menorah up in the window with the candles but we don't start lighting them until the 21st. i am excited and still working on learning the hanakkuh prayer I have the first line down.

Soooo on Tuesday I tried to buy Britney concert tickets but at the time I did not have anyone who wanted to go, then about 30 min. my good friend Jo said she wanted to go, and then my sister said she wanted to go too, so i went to buy tickets again and they were gone!!!! I was so pissed, so I went up to the next price level and now they are 170 -220 each but the seats still are not that great :-(......I don't really want to pay that much for Britney tickets especially if they are not that great. I was pretty bummed but i guess I should save that money anyway.

The weather here is so bi-polar I wish it would either be cloudy/rainy/cold already, yesterday it was so cold and then today it is sunny. it is impossible to have only one wardrobe out, haha. tonight we are going to dinner at my favorite salvadorian/mexican restaurant in the mission becasue Jamie's roommate is going back to Africa for almost 2 months! After Jamie gets done shooting the music video tonight a group of us are heading over there, I am excited. Tomorrow I am going to see Chris Botti at Yoshi's with my family and one of the besties.....I am so excited that will for sure boost my Christmas spirit! Anyway I am off to study with Jo and go to class.....only 3 more days of class!!! yessssss

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