Saturday, December 13, 2008

Almost there

I have a final on Monday and 2 on Wednesday. Wednesday will suck though I have a LAW final at 8 am and then I have a quantitative methods in business final right after that, and then I have to go to work. ugggg but oh well I will get it done and then have a blissful 7 weeks no school. And I am so excited for the Holidays just to spend time with my family.

Tonight was fun after work I ran to a movie premier of a movie that Jamie worked on, then a bunch of us went to dinner it was so nice.

Jamie just started me on the Sopranos, and now I am addicted! I have never seen any of them before so he got the entire series and we are starting from the first episode and going through the entire collection! I'm stoked.

jamie bought me some new books for some of my Hanukkah gifts I am so excited to start reading for fun again, finally now I can read books I enjoy.

Tuesday will be my first day back at the yoga studio, I LOVE bikram yoga and now that i will have time to go it should be great! Finally get back in shape and ready for the new year.

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